Your emotional health companion is waiting for you.

I am your HealthGuide, a real person here to guide you to a better you.

I take a customized health approach based on what makes you unique.

You can reach me on the HealthPersonas mobile app!
I'm available for direct message, voice, or video call.

Hear what some of our Members have to say:


"I am noticing my well-being is connected. If my physical health improves, my mental health seems to do better too!"


"It's such a relief to have someone I can talk with who will help me resolve issues I'm having personally or with others. I highly recommend this service that HealthPersonas provides."


"I really don't have anyone in my life to talk to about these things, I'm so glad I have
[Health Guidance]."

KnowMe™ Psychometrics

KnowMe™️ reveals how you see the World and what matters most to you.  It is quick, fun, and leads to a more personalized wellness experience.  Monitor your strengths and progress over time in various areas of well-being.