5 Ways to Relieve Anxiety

June 19, 2020

Dr. Warren Wong, Medical Director - HealthPersonas

HealthPersonas is here to help you manage – because mental well-being is just as important as physical.

Are you feeling on edge?  Are things getting to you?   In these trying times, everyone is feeling stressed, and that’s normal.  Life has been turned upside down by COVID-19 in ways we never expected.  Take comfort that many millions of people are feeling the same way.  Even though many us are trained to ignore it, even mild stress levels need to be addressed to keep you healthy.  And that’s okay.

So if you’re feeling the strain, be assured that there’s something you can do.  Acknowledge how you’re feeling,recognize that’s it natural, and then follow my guidance outlined below.

Five Ways to Relieve Your Feelings of Anxiety.

As a physician, the easier part of my work with patients is to diagnose a medical problem,determine the correct tests to order, and write a prescription for medicines.  The harder part of being a physician,and the much more important one, is to make sure I’m taking care of the patient.Who is the person that I am helping?  Is anxiety getting in the way of their improvement?

These are the things I look for when evaluating anxiety:

Do you have signs of anxiety? You are courageous when you acknowledge being anxious.  Do you recognize when you are anxious?  Every person has a different way of responding to stress.  What is different for you when you are anxious?

We all have bad tendencies. Your own bad tendency will come out more when you are distressed.  Some people become irritable, others more passive or confused, some people become compulsive.  Know what your bad tendency is and recognize it as a sign of stress.  

How severe is your stress or anxiety?   When is it time to pay attention?   Will your stress gradually improve, or will it get worse? Be aware of any level of stress.  There are some formal ways of measuring stress and anxiety, but the following is an easy way to think about your overall level.  

It is important to recognize when you are at the major or extreme end of the scale. But you need to be aware of the impact of the mild to moderate as well.  At either point, you need to take specific action to reduce your level of anxiety.

Five Ways to Relieve Your Feelings of Anxiety

1. Figure out what is making you stressed and anxious right now

Anxiety is harder to manage if you allow the problem to be a big undefined problem.  It’s better to be specific and aware; for instance, you might be worried that you will spend the day alone.  That is an easier problem to manage than fearing that you will always be anxious.  Another way to think about the problem is to declare what you hope for today.  For instance, your hope for today might be that you have someone to talk with.  This clarification of need can help you can target the necessary steps to feel less anxious.

2. Take time for yourself

Anxiety is frequently a result of a large number of outside activities or stressors that develops when you don’t take the time to care for yourself.  Taking care of yourself may be as small a thing as taking a big, deep breath, or doing something that relaxes you and takes your mind off problems, like meditation or yoga.  When you do either of these things, it sends a clear message to your brain that you are taking care of yourself. Make sure to make  time for yourself every day.  

3. Pray or meditate 

Reach down into your soul and touch your deepest self. Search and ask for courage and the calm to maintain your sense of well-being.  

4. Ask for help  

You may need help with tasks or other day-to-day activities.  Keep on asking for help until you get it.  Don’t waste your time asking for help from one person when that person says no.  Instead, ask another person.  Asking for help is not easy but you need to keep on asking.  You will find an angel before too long.  

5. Stay connected

Human beings are not meant to be isolated.  Be brave and reach out however you can to connect with others through texts, video chats, direct phone calls,or whatever it takes to connect to those in your life.  

 HealthPersonas can help you with these five exercises, and assist you on your journey to better health.   Our guides can work one-on-one to help you manage anxiety a step at a time and find a solution that works best specifically for you. Get started here to learn how HealthPersonas can provide valuable insights on how to achieve better emotional health - during the difficulties associated with COVID-19 and your life beyond.